How to Keep Your Gut Healthy & Happy

I’ve read numerous books and literature on the importance of maintaining a healthy microbiome -- but like most things, the reality of this importance didn’t set in until I was experiencing these symptoms myself through fatigue, digestive discomfort, burnout and poor nutrient absorption in my gut.

My Favorite All Natural Skincare & Make-Up Products

Hey friends, I decided to create a blog post here on the ol’ blog to jam about non-toxic skincare products. I have been utilizing all natural skincare products for the past couple of years after Jess (my twin sister) sent me a ton of articles on toxic chemicals that are found in face/body products.

Trusting Your Path, Even When Others Don't

Sometimes you will get a ping to go down a different path, to start a new project, to release something, or to go in a different direction. These cosmic breadcrumbs come in subtle & big ways. And sometimes these pings are in opposition to what you've been told to do - what you're "supposed" to do with your whole life.

Are You Moving for You or Them?

What is your narrative around moving your body? Is it something on your to-do list, or something you enjoy? What motivates you to move? This is such a great question to explore in our relationship to our bodies. For me, fear used to be the main motivator. If I didn’t work out, I would look “thick” and I wouldn’t be accepted.

Is Your Relationship to Food Keeping You Stuck?

I don't talk about my journey with food + exercise + body image a lot - probably because I have been so consumed by the relationship mojo + research that I blurred out the rest. My relationship to my body - to food - and to exercise has been one heck of a journey in and of itself. I've gone from intense calorie restriction…

Why Are You Angry & What To Do About It

I've said it once, and I will say it again. The emotion of anger isn't the problem, it's what we do with it that is the problem. Last year, a HUGE chunk of my personal work was getting intimate with my own anger, rage, and frustration. And I gotta say, nothing has supported my nervous system quite like this work.

Why Stillness is Medicine for Your Soul

Mindset work aka meeting your own mind is crucial on the journey home to your essential, authentic self. **don't get me wrong, it can be confronting at first - keep at it, it's so worth it** I didn't come out of the womb meditating. However, that would've been a good look for me. Instead I was the exact opposite…

Creating the Perfect Ritual for YOU

We all have habits. Some of us have rituals. What's the difference? Well, in my eyes the difference is in the presence and intention to which you show up to your daily activities. When we have structures in place -- aka rituals -- we create a container for our feminine essence to rise. Feelings. Play. Nurturing.

Why Sisterhood Should Be Number a # 1 Priority on Your List

When I say “sisterhood” I don't only mean your blood-related sisters. I mean the connection we have to the other women in our lives -- our soul sisters. My intention in 2018 was to cultivate a deeper sense of sisterhood. And I gotta tell you - that was the best gift I could've ever given my heart, because I deeply needed…

What Are You Ready to Call In?

Hey friends, I'm embarking on a #31daysofwellbeing adventure this month with @zurahealth to share with you the elements & layers that play into what it means to be WELL. As you know, it's more than eating kale, and working out -- it's about your mental, emotional, financial and spiritual wellbeing as well.

What's In The Way of Your Happiness?

It’s interesting how most of us feel as though our pasts are part of us. As if they’re like our supposed genetic imprints… we got what we got, so now the side effects of those choices and events will be what they may be. As if we are prisoners to what they should mean for us.

Emotional Alchemy: Turning Trauma into Growth

I love talking about growth and all of the beauty that surrounds us, but in truth this realization didn’t come by rainbows & butterflies….it came through experiencing the opposite via an emotional black hole, lost days (years) in confusion & chaos, and enough pain to stop me dead in my tracks.

You Are Never Alone. Ever.

There are moments of this experience where we can look up at the sky and feel an overwhelmingly amount of bliss & then there are times where we find ourselves closing our eyes wishing it would all go away as the pressure of “why?” continues to rise. In the dance of contrast, we find ourselves dancing between moments…

How Holding My Tongue Almost Killed Me

Sounds a bit dramatic, right? I feel you…but if you’re not sharing your Truth, aren’t you already somewhat gone? Somewhat dead? To me, this is death. Repressing my emotions, and not sharing my truth nearly killed me…or sent me straight to a psych ward. Either way, it wasn’t an ideal place to call home.