What's In The Way of Your Happiness?


“We don’t get what we want. We get who we are in consciousness.” 

It’s interesting how most of us feel as though our pasts are part of us. As if they’re like our supposed genetic imprints… we got what we got, so now the side effects of those choices and events will be what they may be. As if we are prisoners to what they should mean for us. But there’s a huge part of the experience of living we don’t realize: We get to decide what our lives and the events which compose them, mean for us, how they define us, and ultimately, what they mean about the future we deserve and can expect.

The irony here is that the past & future don’t technically exist. Think about it. The past is gone forever, marked as a memory (imprint) within, and the future is something we dream about and manifest in from the present. The only moment that exists is this moment. It is our point of power and our greatest teacher. The holy now.

So how does our past affect us in this moment? Great question.

It all depends on what we inherit and hold on to. Yes, even our genes come pre-loaded with emotional baggage. Genetic transference is a real thing. It is the process of genetic trademarks/information being passed through to offspring. These wounds & pressures are not just ours to deal with on our own, often those we inherited them from are marinating in this same party of patterns.

The wounds we inherit make their way into our lives and show up in the choices we make and the stories we live. And as we construct a certain future in this moment, what we haven’t dealt with from our past will constantly be recycled until the lesson is learned. Until we feel it, allow it to teach us, accept it and grow from it.

Pain points, archaeological digs, and emotional charges are all what I call rips in our “space-time fabric”. What does this actually mean? It means that these pain points, storylines, and very real psychosomatic charges are causing a massive energy shift from the here and now to feed a memory of the past. A story – identity – we are familiar with. Basically, the energy we spend anywhere else but here is energy wasted from creating a beautiful life in this moment. And the cost of this is that our bodies know. Putting our hearts and minds where they don’t need to be causes major resistance in our body’s matrix.

Which is essentially what pain is, resistance to now.

Take a computer for example. You have an interface (your body), you have your beliefs, values, rules (software programs), and you have your level of consciousness at which you are currently vibrating at (your consciousness/level of awareness). The more programs you are running, the more energy is being utilized elsewhere, so your interface dims, and your operating system slows down. The more labels you place on yourself, the more boxes you try to squeeze yourself in, the more automaticity, the less voice and conscious engagement you will have with the world.

Get off the bus headed to zombie town & shake that soul loose.

Whether a thought is imagined, remembered, or experienced in this moment it is processed by your mind & body in the same exact way. (read that again x 5) Yes, your thoughts are powerful…that’s why the incentive to be aware of your narrative is so incredibly important as it is imperative to your overall mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment & wellness.

Our model of reality is a multi-level creation. From the influences of our families to the country we call home – our lens of the world is being shaped by the beliefs and culture from the time we are born up until reading this here word. While I wish all of the belief systems and narratives were happy & bliss-filled, the reality is we all have been wounded, and socialized.

We are the victims of victims until we say we’re not.

This requires the understanding and acceptance that, while we were doing the best we could with the information we had in our pasts, now we have a choice. To choose in this moment to stand at the center of our world. To choose to show up and do the work. To face the pain, to dig deep, and to bring up the light.

This is the realization that I call the Copernicus Revolution 2.0. You know, the guy who discovered that the sun was the center of our world?! Well, just like his brilliant observation and inquiry — all roads lead to the same truth, this time it sits a little closer to home – You. You sit at the center of your universe. You get to choose what you make it all mean. Crazy, powerful realization, right? Yeah, I think so. Stepping into this empowered space is liberating, ballsy, and one hell of a journey.

So I ask you, what is your narrative? Does the story, I’m not good enough rear its head up just when you’re about to create what it is that you say you want? If so, the old identity – that you’re not good, broken or damaged – must be replaced with I am good enough, and I do deserve to be loved. How does this shift take place? Actions ya’ll (and I’m not even from Texas). If you believed you were enough, how would you act? Yeah, a little scary in this space of unknown — but it is only in this space of hitting delete button on the past that we can create space and replace it with more empowering beliefs, i.e. I am enough.

Don’t let your future be your past on repeat. Check in, set a fire to your past, & blaze your own trail. Our souls yearn to fly free, so cut the ties, and let your wings fly.

xx, Kylie