Creating the Perfect Ritual for YOU

Photo by  Jakub Dziubak  on  Unsplash

Day 2 - Rituals Support Your Mental / Emotional Wellbeing ✨

We all have habits. Some of us have rituals. What's the difference?

Well, in my eyes the difference is in the presence and intention to which you show up to your daily activities. When we have structures in place -- aka rituals -- we create a container for our feminine essence to rise. Feelings. Play. Nurturing.

When we are going through emotionally turbulent times, rituals keep us stable. They anchor us to the familiar -- which can help support us through many of life's transitions.

Rituals also gives us momentum. No matter how small you start. 2 minutes of silence a day, to a morning cuppa of cacao, tea, lemon water, coffee, water.... just being fully present, and showing up for yourself is the GIFT.

Some morning rituals we love:

  • Journaling,

  • Meditating,

  • Hot Cacao Ceremony,

  • Sitting in Nature/Sunshine.

Some Evening Rituals we love:

  • Reading,

  • Diffusing lavender,

  • Writing down 3 gratitudes.

Our rituals shift with us as our needs & desires change.

We shift, and so do our rituals. I don't always have the same ritual every day, but I do have some mixture of these habits every day...and that my friends helps me feel grounded in a world that sometimes doesn't.

What is your fav. ritual?? Leave a comment below, and share your inspiration with us all.

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