What Are You Ready to Call In?

New intentions open new doors of opportunity.

New intentions open new doors of opportunity.

Hey friends, I'm embarking on a #31daysofwellbeing adventure this month with @zurahealth to share with you the elements & layers that play into what it means to be WELL.

As you know, it's more than eating kale, and working out -- it's about your mental, emotional, financial and spiritual wellbeing as well. We're kicking it off with the word - intention - because IT really really matters.

Day 1 - Your Intentions Guide Your Direction

When we know what we stand for, and the intention behind our actions -- it makes taking action that much easier.

I remember in the beginning of this journey from repression to self-expression, facing all of my inner narratives of, "no body cares what you have to say..." "your words aren't valuable..." and to that I said, BS.

Instead of just challenging the beliefs, I took intentional actions that instilled a new narrative, "What I have to say matters." "My voice is valuable." and on, and on. Until that new narrative settles softly into all my cells. In neuroscience, we call this neuroplasticity — and basically it is your mind & brain’s ability to create new upgraded neural pathways that support your worthiness & expansion.

For me, when I doubt myself, or when someone doubts me I use that as fuel. And to be honest, at times, it is a great source of fuel for your rise. My intention always is to show up, and honor my heart / body / truth in a way that is kind, clear, and fierce. I hope the same for you.

Here is a visualization exercise to support you in tuning into your Truth, intentions, and what you are ready to say a WHOLE-hearted yes to this year.

In which area of your life do you doubt yourself the most? What aligned action could you take today to support your expansion of worthiness in the opposite direction. Leave a comment below or on my insta, and declare what intention you are moving towards this year!

Always in your corner,


Ps. If you want a podcast to really drive this home, listen to this incredibly funny, real and raw podcast with Lauren Handel here.

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