Why Sisterhood Should Be Number a # 1 Priority on Your List

Photo by  Becca Tapert  on  Unsplash

Day 3 - Sisterhood is potent medicine ❤️

When I say “sisterhood” I don't only mean your blood-related sisters. I mean the connection we have to the other women in our lives -- our soul sisters.

My intention in 2018 was to cultivate a deeper sense of sisterhood. And I gotta tell you - that was the best gift I could've ever given my heart, because I deeply needed my sisterhood last year. To lean on. To heal. To cry. To be held. And to land in a space where I could be deeply seen, and acknowledged in a way that I've never before experienced.

There can be a lot of pain around our relationships to other women & the feminine within -- especially when we are living with walls around our hearts. Living from this armored space keeps any part of ourselves that we haven’t healed - out of reach — and the people that trigger these parts. I know this, because I've lived in threat mode constantly comparing myself and not trusting other women in my life.

This most likely stems from the mother wound. Our primary relationship and blueprint for the feminine is our mother. Our relationships with women has a lot to do with this core relationship with mom. Interested in healing this, and unpacking the mother wound? Check our my online workshop here.

It's a healing journey loves - but every single time I am met by one of my girlfriends with unconditional love, and safety -- I heal a wound so deep that the foundation of how I see myself and the world brightens. I don't know about you, but to me -- that is potent medicine. Share this post with your sisters, and let them know you love them + stand tall in their corner. 👯

You are worthy of being held, and nurtured.

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