Your Home is a Reflection of Your Subconscious Mind

Photo Credit: @Lunya

Photo Credit: @Lunya

🧡Day 6: Home + Environment 🧡

I was sitting in a Feng Shui workshop a couple of months ago, and the teacher said, “Your home is a reflection of your subconscious mind.” Now of course, me being the pattern geek that I am wanted to know all about how these two items - mind & home - were related.

I won’t go into all of the learnings and magic that is Feng Shei — but I highly recommend it!! Still mind blown from what I learned. 
I don’t base my “love” for a space based on what it looks like, but how it feels energetically, and somatically. You can feel spaces. And these spaces you call home, matter. They affect us. 
Now, why am I bringing this up? Well — because I want you to feel good in your home. When your body feels good, your nervous system can relax. When your nervous system can relax, creativity, inspiration, joy, connection and love can rise. 
I realize the inherent privilege in this topic, but I believe everyone is worthy of pockets of joy & feel good space in their homes. Start small, and pick a corner/area of your home that you can dedicate to you. Your chair, your favorite candle, rug, picture/quotes, notebook, and whatever else makes you feel good.

Dedicate 5-10 min a day in this curated space (your time for silence & connection). And if you’re really feeling inspired to get your home to a place that feels good, and flows with good energy — try out @mariekondo tidying up method. I’m giving it a go when I get home 🗝 
What major shifts have you made in your environment/home? How have they shifted how you feel?