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What's In The Way of Your Happiness?

It’s interesting how most of us feel as though our pasts are part of us. As if they’re like our supposed genetic imprints… we got what we got, so now the side effects of those choices and events will be what they may be. As if we are prisoners to what they should mean for us.

Emotional Alchemy: Turning Trauma into Growth

I love talking about growth and all of the beauty that surrounds us, but in truth this realization didn’t come by rainbows & butterflies….it came through experiencing the opposite via an emotional black hole, lost days (years) in confusion & chaos, and enough pain to stop me dead in my tracks.

You Are Never Alone. Ever.

There are moments of this experience where we can look up at the sky and feel an overwhelmingly amount of bliss & then there are times where we find ourselves closing our eyes wishing it would all go away as the pressure of “why?” continues to rise. In the dance of contrast, we find ourselves dancing between moments…

How Holding My Tongue Almost Killed Me

Sounds a bit dramatic, right? I feel you…but if you’re not sharing your Truth, aren’t you already somewhat gone? Somewhat dead? To me, this is death. Repressing my emotions, and not sharing my truth nearly killed me…or sent me straight to a psych ward. Either way, it wasn’t an ideal place to call home.