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What I Pack in My Travel First-Aid Kit

What I Pack in My Travel First-Aid Kit

I love traveling. And I love traveling even more when my travel routine is on point and it supports my digestion & overall health. I’m teaming up with Nature’s Way to share this routine and my travel must-haves! This post is sponsored by Nature’s Way. 

While it’s true that I often crave nothing more than spending time at home with a good book in hand, traveling connects me to the people I love and provides me with a refreshing reset from the daily routine. 

This summer, I did plenty of traveling and learned a thing or two about what it means to stay centered while on the go. And surprisingly, it means being prepared and having a routine. 

Here’s what has been working for me: 

1. Staying hydrated - I say it over and over, because it really is that important. Drinking *even more* water when you are traveling helps the body stay hydrated and keeps your digestion system flowing. Fill your water bottle and drink up ;] 

2. Grounding exercises - Flying is stressful on the body. Supporting the body in grounding after a flight by getting outside in nature, or feeling your feet on the ground while breathing helps you to re-center and calm the nervous system. 

3. Green juice or nutrient dense meal - Grabbing a nutrient dense juice or meal post flight kicks up your nutrient intake to support the body in lowering any inflammation, and keeping your digestion moving. I personally love grabbing a green juice. 

4. My @NaturesWayBrands supplements -- I bring activated charcoal with me on my trips to support my body because it binds unwanted materials and gas in my digestive tract* that often accumulates while traveling

5. Frankincense essential oil - I love to bring this master oil with me on all flights because it supports our immune system and energetic boundaries. I don’t know about you, but boundaries are beautiful. 

6. Blue-light blocking glasses - Airplanes and airports are filled with artificial light that can disturb our circadian rhythms. Rocking blue-light blocking glasses have been a game-changer for my eyes - especially on an airplane. 

7. Compression socks - When I go on longer trips (over 3 hours) I always pack my compression socks to support circulation and decrease swelling. 

8. Eye mask or face mask - Who said traveling and self-care don’t go hand in hand? I love bringing an eye mask, or face mask with me on longer flights to support the hydration of my skin. 

This has been working really well for me when I am in the skies, and I hope it does for you too! What’s in your travel kit? 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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