Her Journey Home | Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |

Her Journey Home

This 8 week self-study course will support you on your journey back home to your truth, your body, your wisdom and your heart’s deepest desires.



I'm not talking about the version of you:

That your parents wanted you to be

That you thought you had to become in order to meet the needs and expectations of others

That doesn't believe your life can be different

That believes you needs to be different than who you truly are to fit in, feel safe and to be loved.

I'm talking about the real, raw, vibrantly alive and honest you. The one who has a soul deep, inner-knowing that there's more to life than playing small, pleasing others, acting out a script you didn’t choose and hiding out.

Many of us had to say goodbye to our true selves before we were old enough to even complete a full sentence. We were told who to be, what to believe and how to act, leading us to become products of our upbringing and social conditioning.

Her Journey Home | Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |

The journey back home to your true and authentic self is one you must make in order to discover yourself, connect with your truth and feel the wholeness you yearn for.

It will remind you of who you are - before the world told you who you needed to be in order to fit in and be worthy. This course will help you navigate that journey.


Here’s what we’ll cover each week of our time together:

  • Week 1: Coming Home to Your Story
    (acceptance + responsibility)

  • Week 2: Coming Home to Your Body
    ( self-care, self-love, embodiment)

  • Week 3: Coming Home to Your Emotions
    (emotional intimacy)

  • Week 4: Coming Home to Your Inner Child
    (healing the mother wound)

  • Week 5: Coming Home to Your Worthiness
    (boundaries, baby)

  • Week 6: Coming Home to Your Truth
    (reclaiming your voice, values, and worth)

  • Week 7: Coming Home to Your Confidence
    (taking up space, letting go of smallness)

  • Week 8: Coming Home to Your Joy
    (pleasure, play, and creativity)


You’ll receive:


Her Journey Home | Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |

‘Don’t be afraid of the solitude that comes with raising your standards.’

— Ebonee Davis


This course is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Feel and embody a sense of safety and trust within yourself

  • Enhance your self esteem

  • Develop a deeper intimacy and connection with yourself

  • Understand how you relate to people, and identify what past emotional debris gets in the way of you connecting deeply with others

  • Learn the tools to become an emotionally resilient badass

  • Understand when you are putting other people’s needs before yours, and learn how to change this pattern

  • Upgrade your patterns of being a people pleaser, mother instead of a partner, perfectionist, high achiever and/or a caretaker

  • Learn tools to grow through your rock bottoms and embrace life’s transitions

  • Share and honor your voice with kind and clear communication strategies  

  • Develop emotional and relational boundaries and get comfortable with saying ‘no’

  • Re-parent yourself and make peace with your inner-critic and inner-child

  • Take a closer look at the stories you tell yourself and evaluate what’s yours and what’s borrowed.


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