Each of us is on a healing journey.

And when we reach transitions and challenges in life, we are given the opportunity to heal and transform—and become the most beautiful version of ourselves. Transitions are about breaking open and following your own heart and desires.



I’m here to tell you:

- There is nothing wrong with you.

- Everything you need is already inside you.

- It’s ok to step into your power and use your voice.

- You have an inner compass that always knows the way.

I support women (and men!) through life’s transitions and the rebirth process. 

When the old way of doing things isn’t working anymore, I help guide you to write a new story that’s aligned with your core values, all based on curiosity, openness and gratitude. 

Together, we’ll pack your emotional toolkit with the skills you need to walk your why (we all need a why to keep us going!), choose joy and abundance over fear, reclaim your power, clear emotional roadblocks & build a life you love.