Her Journey Home 8 Week Self-Study Course

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The Jounrey Home (2).png

Her Journey Home 8 Week Self-Study Course


A heart-centered program to support you on your journey back home to your truth, your body, your wisdom and your heart’s deepest desires.

It's time to (RE) discover who you try are....

I'm not talking about the version of you that your parents wanted you to be. Or the version of you that you had to become in order to meet the needs and expectations of others. Or the version of you that doesn't believe it can be different. Or the version of you that believes she needs to be different than who she truly is to fit in, to feel safe and to be loved. I'm talking about the real + raw, vibrantly ALIVE & honest you.

The one who has a soul deep, inner-knowing that there's more to LIFE than playing small, pleasing others & hiding out. Many of us had to say goodbye to our true selves before we could complete a full sentence. She feels so far away at times, doesn't she? Are you craving to reconnect with your true essence? The one who wants to have fun, play, be seen and do what she wants to do for once.

This journey back home....To your Truth - To your body - To your emotions - To your voice - To your wholeness -- is one you're already on. So relax, girlfriend - you are exactly where you need to be right now.

The Her Journey Home outline:

Week 1: Coming Home to Your Story (acceptance + responsibility)

Week 2: Coming Home to Your Body ( self-care, self-love, embodiment)

Week 3: Coming Home to Your Emotions (emotional intimacy)

Week 4: Coming Home to Your Inner Child (healing the mother wound)

Week 5: Coming Home to Your Worthiness (boundaries, baby)

Week 6: Coming Home to Your Truth (reclaiming your voice, values, and worth)

Week 7: Coming Home to Your Confidence (taking up space, letting go of smallness)

Week 8: Coming Home to Your Joy (pleasure, play, and creativity)

What’s included:

• 8 weekly workbooks filled with reading materials and exercises

• Weekly Audio/Video Lessons

• Weekly Discussion Questions & Group Wall assignments in Private Slack Sanctuary

• 1 - 1:1, 60min clarity call per program (value: $375)

This course is for you if you’re ready to have/cultivate/experience:

- True embodiment of SAFETY 

- Increase in Self-Trust 

- Build healthy levels of Self-Esteem 

- Deeper intimacy & connection with others & Self 

- The tools to become an Emotionally Resilient Badass 

- Understand Your Interpersonal Dynamics + What PAST emotional debris is in the way of Connection 

- Become aware of the patterns of Hyper - Responsibility (other people's needs more important than ours),

- Upgrade patterns of People Pleasing, Being a Mother instead of a Partner, Perfectionism, High Achiever, and Care-Taker. 

- Tools to Grow through our Rock Bottoms & Embracing Life's transitions 

- Share & Honor Your Voice with Kind & Clear Communication Strategies  

- Emotional & Relational Boundaries, Finding Value in No 

- Inner-Critic & Inner-Child - Where YOU come in to Reparent

- STORIES - what's yours, what's borrowed? 

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Welcome to Your Journey Home, beautiful.  

I acknowledge you for saying yes to YOU, and having the courage to take this brave, bold, and incredibly liberating journey home back to your wholeness. 

It’s not every day that you can have these types of conversations, look deep into the roots of your being and be held in a space of love, compassion, and radical acceptance. That is what this space is here to do. Remind you of your goodness, hold you in your fullness, and inspire you to say a whole-hearted yes to your path & deepest desires. 

From the deepest part of my soul, thank you for being here and choosing me to be on this journey with you. I am so honored that you trust me with your heart, time, and energy. 

After purchasing this Self-Study Course, you will be sent an email with the link to join the Private Slack Sanctuary and a link to all of the course materials!

If you have any questions, please email me at kylie@zurahealth.com — can’t wait to connect with you!