"I came to Kylie in a clouded state of overall mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. For as long as I could recall, I had been existing in an inner world of pure turmoil and chaos governed by fear, body shaming and feelings of inadequacy. To put it lightly, I had completely lost touch with my true essence and I could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel; I was unrecognizable to my own self and weighed down by deep pain and a feeling of heaviness that I could no longer escape. I jumped on board with Kylie for 90 days because I needed a monumental change. Her work, her words and her mission are truly the ingredients of her very own heart. As a client, this was the world to me. Our work together was a safe haven in a painful time and to know that she genuinely wanted to be in that space with me is the best gift I've ever received."

As I navigated the debris from decisions past, I felt as though I couldn’t quite make it beyond myself to reach the pinnacle of inner peace. For as much as I longed for my ideal life, I equally resisted stepping forward. Enter Kylie – a kind, relatable, insightful, empowering soul. We worked together once a week for three months, and it was the best investment I ever made towards healing my spirit. Each week, Kylie would send a specific module, assignment, and weekly commitment which we would discuss during our calls. I had many moments of enlightenment over the course of our sessions. I became comfortable with getting curious about why I practiced self-sabotage, the purpose it served, how to acknowledge and learn from its teachings, and move forward with gratitude. Kylie helped me close one chapter of my life and open another – I will be forever grateful for her guidance. 

"Kylie brings a lot of expertise and heart to the table, and it is not just based on book-knowledge, but also based on life experience, which is the best teacher of all. She is incredibly caring, sincere, and honors your story. Her outlook and approach on Holistic Health and Wellness is refreshing and most importantly authentic!" 

“My time with Kylie has completely changed the way I handle relationships, conflict and my emotions and thoughts. She has taught me practical strategies to to lean into my fears and develop healthy boundaries, establish a healthy relationship with my emotions so that I am no longer avoiding them, and accept, appreciate and protect all the previous versions of myself that show up from time to time. Her perceptiveness, kindness and wisdom has helped to create a safe space for me to be vulnerable so that we could pinpoint the root of my issues and provide me with the tools to work through them.”

“Kylie was my light angel during a dark transition time in my life. I felt stuck, weak and had debilitating fears almost daily. I couldn’t change the circumstances, only how I faced them. My wise angel reminded me of my power and light to face this situation. Her constant love, encouraging support and guidance kept me aligned with my highest truth and I experienced moments of magic that could never be measured. Thank you Angel!!!”

“I’d like to personally thank Kylie for giving my life meaning. Working with Kylie has changed more than just my diet, but has changed the way I think. Little did I know I was lacking in so many aspects, including; spirituality, exercise, nutrition and relationships. Being able to thrive in life thanks to the foundation she helped me create has poured over into my career, relationships and overall happiness.”