Deanna B.

"As I navigated the debris from decisions past, I felt as though I couldn’t quite make it beyond myself to reach the pinnacle of inner peace. For as much as I longed for my ideal life, I equally resisted stepping forward. Enter Kylie – a kind, relatable, insightful, empowering soul. We worked together once a week for three months, and it was the best investment I ever made towards healing my spirit. Each week, Kylie would send a specific module, assignment, and weekly commitment which we would discuss during our calls. I had many moments of enlightenment over the course of our sessions. I became comfortable with getting curious about why I practiced self-sabotage, the purpose it served, how to acknowledge and learn from its teachings, and move forward with gratitude. Kylie helped me close one chapter of my life and open another – I will be forever grateful for her guidance."