Nicole Robinson

"I came to Kylie in a clouded state of overall mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. For as long as I could recall, I had been existing in an inner world of pure turmoil and chaos governed by fear, body shaming and feelings of inadequacy. To put it lightly, I had completely lost touch with my true essence and I could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel; I was unrecognizable to my own self and weighed down by deep pain and a feeling of heaviness that I could no longer escape. I jumped on board with Kylie for 90 days because I needed a monumental change. Her work, her words and her mission are truly the ingredients of her very own heart. As a client, this was the world to me. Our work together was a safe haven in a painful time and to know that she genuinely wanted to be in that space with me is the best gift I've ever received."