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I’ve created a powerful assortment of courses to help you turn inwards, navigate your transitions, make peace with and transform your pain, and become your most powerful ally on your healing journey. 


Partnership 101

Understanding your relationship blueprint is crucial to calling in and creating your desired partnership.

This 6 week online course will take you and your relationship to the next level. Via weekly videos and exercises, How Partnership 101 will explore how your past affects your present day relationship, and how to learn from your experiences and move forward, and so much more.

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |

Healing The Feminine Wound

The Art of Having Your Own Back; A Guide to Setting Boundaries, Reclaiming Your Power, and Taking Up Space.

A 6 module self-study course to help you heal your feminine wound, reconnect with yourself and reclaim your power as the wise woman you are.

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |

Her Journey Home

This 8 week self-study course will support you on your journey back home to your truth, your body, your wisdom and your heart’s deepest desires.

The journey back home to your true and authentic self is one you must make in order to discover yourself, connect with your truth and feel the wholeness you yearn for. It will remind you of who you are - before the world told you who you needed to be in order to fit in and be worthy. This course will help you navigate that journey.

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |

Healing the Mother Wound

When I started to unpack the mother wound, the patriarchal systems we live in, and the power dynamics that still existed within the lens of my conditioned mind, I was amazed at just how blind I was to it.

So what exactly is the mother wound and how is it affecting your ability to take up space, reclaim your power and stand in your worthiness? Bethany Webster states, “The Mother Wound is the pain of being a woman passed down through the generations of women in patriarchal cultures. And it includes the dysfunctional mechanisms that are used to process that pain.”

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |

Zura Health Health Coaching Certification Program

When I’m not supporting women in this online space I’m in my other online home, Zura Health, training women and to men to become wildly successful Health Coaches.

Are deeply passionate about helping others achieve long lasting health, happiness and wholeness, then I’d love to invite you to join the Zura Health family! You can find out more about Zura Health and our signature Health Coaching Certification Program below.