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Hello beautiful being. I‘m Kylie!

I’m a truth seeking, eternally curious introvert who enjoys nothing more than being in nature or curled up at home with a book (non-fiction for the win over here!). I’m a multi-passionate, creative being and my life is guided by vulnerability, openness and gratitude. I’m obsessed with emotions and love helping others embrace their shadows and step into their power.

I’m also a Certified Health Coach, Emotional Expert, Co-Founder of Zura Health, Podcast Host, Speaker and Writer.


I guide women through powerful life transitions and support them through the process of self discovery and re-birth.

I’m on a mission to support women to reclaim their voices as the powerful co-creators they are, feel confident to stand on their own two feet, and ask for what they desire and are worthy of.

My work helps women understand the deep and profound impact their family system, social conditioning and culture have had on their beliefs and how they show up in the world. I help women identify how these things have created a division between them and their true sense of self - because trust me, whether you realize it or not, this conditioning has had a profound impact on your life. I refer to it as the feminine wound.

Female inferiority (or, the feminine wound) is the pain that comes as a result of being a woman. Otherwise known as intergenerational wounding, it is passed down through generations of women within patriarchal cultures. It has us believe that, as women, we are:

  • Less than

  • Not good enough

  • Not attractive enough

  • Not worthy

  • Too loud/proud/emotional/outspoken.

Sadly, the list goes on and on.

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful | https://www.kyliemcbeath.com/

Learning about female inferiority was instrumental in helping me unpack and heal my wounds, step into my worth and become the empowered woman I am today.

For myself, and the women I work with, female inferiority often shows up as:

  • Shame related to things like divorce and infertility

  • Unexpressed anger

  • People pleasing

  • High achieving

  • Codependency

  • Being the “good” girl/woman/daughter/wife

  • Tolerating toxic behavior from others

  • Playing small and not “rocking the boat" in order to be loved

  • A poor relationship with self

  • Comparison and competition with other women

  • Feeling guilty for having desires and goals

  • Experiencing things like eating disorders, depression and addictions.


Let me share my journey with you, and show you how female inferiority showed up and directed the script in my life...

I grew up as the first born (only by 15 minutes to my twin sister but boy, did I take on this role!) in my family. I felt the pressure to be extremely responsible in my role as the older sibling and as such, fully embraced the labels of “caretaker”, “big sister” and the “good daughter”. Committed to being the “model eldest”, and never wanting to upset anyone within my family unit, I quickly became a people pleasing perfectionist.

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful | https://www.kyliemcbeath.com/

I didn’t speak up when I disagreed with things.

I didn’t do anything that might cause disharmony. I didn’t embrace my independent streak. I didn’t rebel.

Although this was pleasant for everyone around me, holding all of my emotions inside, not expressing my truth, and interacting with the world in this repressed and conforming way, simply because it was expected of me, got damn tiring.


In saying this though, it would be many years before I would break free of the roles, beliefs, narratives and scripts that had been imposed upon me, simply for being born a female.

I first had to work in jobs that were completely unfulfilling and soul-sucking. These “shadow” jobs distracted me from my life’s purpose.

I had to end up in a marriage that, despite there being a lot of love, I see in hindsight was used as a safety net because I was lost in life, wanting to avoid becoming an adult and scared of standing on my own two feet.

I had to reach a place of depression and desperation that was a consequence of being in a relationship and living a life that was not connected to my truest and deepest sense of self.

I had to question what my purpose in this life was, and where I fit in.

It was then, and only then, after 25 years of suffering through who I thought I had to be and being asleep at the wheel of life, that I made a change.

I got clear on who I, Kylie was, and separated it from who my family, the media, the education system, religious institutions and society generally, told me to be.

I got a divorce (which brought with it a lot of shame because apparently, ‘good’ girls don’t leave marriages?!)

I got courageous and made a commitment to learn how to stand tall on my own two feet financially before entering into my next relationship.

What this journey gifted me was an understanding that, since childhood, I had been blindly acting out the scripts of being a ‘good’ sister/daughter/wife/woman - the person I thought I had to be, but the person I felt deeply disconnected from.

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful | https://www.kyliemcbeath.com/

But enough was enough.

I began to wake up.
I made peace with, and healed my wounds.
I stood in my worth.
I embodied my feminine power.
I began to say ‘no’.

And with that, my life completely transformed.


I’m running two thriving businesses that are an extension of my heart, and I embrace my identity as the powerful, courageous, and sovereign woman I am.

I’m now committed to helping women do this work and look deep into the roots of their being with love, compassion and radical acceptance.

That is what this online sanctuary is here to do - hold space for you as you transition and transform, remind you of your intrinsic worth and inspire you to say a whole-hearted ‘YES!’ to your deepest desires.

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful | https://www.kyliemcbeath.com/

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Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful | https://www.kyliemcbeath.com/

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Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful | https://www.kyliemcbeath.com/

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