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Hello beautiful being

I‘m Kylie!

I’m a truth-telling, eternally curious introvert who enjoys nothing more than being in nature or curled up at home with a book (non-fiction for the win over here!) Like you, I’m here to dance with the whole spectrum of this human experience - the good, the dark, the painful, and the joy-filled.

I’m a certified health coach, emotional expert, co-founder of the integrative health platform, Zura Health, podcast co-host, speaker and writer.

I guide women through powerful life transitions and support them through the process of self discovery and re-birth.

Do you ever feel disconnected from who you truly are, and sometimes aren’t quite sure who that woman even is?

Are you currently navigating a powerful transition in your life and aren’t sure how to move forward in a way that is truly you?

Do you feel like you’ve done everything you’ve been told to do in order to be happy, successful and loved, only to find yourself lacking joy and feeling lost and disconnected?

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |

There is nothing wrong with you.

You don’t have to carry it all on your own.

You don’t have to see the full picture, just yet.

You can take it slow, and honor your process.


I’d love to guide and support you to come back home to who you — beautiful you — truly are.

Through a process of self discovery and re-birth we will help you move forward and write a new story for your life that’s aligned with your core values, reflective of your deepest soul desires, and grounded in your deep worthiness.

"Kylie brings a lot of expertise and heart to the table, and it is not just based on book-knowledge, but also based on life experience, which is the best teacher of all. She is incredibly caring, sincere, and honors your story. Her outlook and approach on Holistic Health and Wellness is refreshing and most importantly authentic!" 


Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |
Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |


Join my team and I as we guide you through a process of self discovery and help you reclaim your power, clear your emotional roadblocks and build a life you love.

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |


Support to help you journey inwards, improve your relationships, make peace with and transform your pain, and become your most powerful ally on your healing journey.

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |


Heartfelt musings and reflections to help you dive deeper into yourself and create a life that feels authentic and aligned. Best read with a steamy cup of tea!

Kylie McBeath | Being is Beautiful |


Honest conversations about all things wellness, self-development, relationships and life related. Brought to you on behalf of my heart-based company Zura Health.